Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date

Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date

Although many have gone wrong, setting the PERFECT FIRST DATE is possible. However we will have to put effort into it but it will certainly be worth it. And if there are some failures, nothing happens, there are always reasons to say yes to a second one.

Relationship experts advise not to reject a second date even if the first did not meet expectations, and that is that sometimes the first date can go wrong because we are nervous, we have not hit the spot, or we have our heads anywhere.

But it is recommended to give a second chance does not mean that we should put the minimum effort when planning the meeting. The best we can do is find everything you need to make it a perfect first date and thus not risk it and leave it to fate that the relationship may have a future.

But how do you get a perfect first date? The Science for People portal has found the 10 essential keys for this, and the best of all is that they are proven by science so they should be proof of all kinds of disasters that may arise.

Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date


For what? To make sure that you are presenting yourself as you really are, and it is that on many occasions through social networks people can have the wrong impression of us and when they know us it is not what they expected. That is why the opinion of our friends about how we present ourselves abroad is essential, they will know if it is correct or not.


The first thing to consider is the place of the appointment. No cinema, we should already be clear about that. Normally we decide on a dinner and a few drinks afterwards if everything has gone well, however that is not the best option.

For this occasion we can go to an interesting bar or cafeteria in the city. The reason for choosing these types of sites is that they are informal enough not to increase the typical nerves of the moment, they are places where everyone is relaxed and we will be too.

Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date


This is where we can fail most if our nerves betray us. The worst thing we can do is talk about trivial topics or resort to typical elevator conversation.

It can happen to us but if we want everything to go well, it is better to try to have a conversation about relatively important topics, about things that make us understand and know the other person better.

This does not mean that you have to talk about politics, in fact it is better never to mention that subject even if you have been with your partner for 50 years. But if you can’t think of anything, a Northwestern University study found 36 questions with which to succeed.

Some that you can use are: If you could wake up tomorrow with a new skill, which one would you choose? What do you value most in a friendship ?; How would your perfect day be?

Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date


What we say with our body can be of great help or become our worst enemy. It’s one of the things that can make someone seem less attractive than they are. In order not to fail, science has proven that there are 3 infallible gestures to convey interest.

The first is to subtly copy the body language of the other person, if they smile at us we smile at them, if they get closer we get closer …

In addition, we should always be facing the front, no sitting badly or crossing our arms. Head-on, with an open posture making it clear that we are interested.

And finally the inclination, if you are sitting facing each other the best way to show that we are comfortable is by leaning a little towards the other person, and work done.

Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date


Maybe you thought that you would be 100% compatible, and when you started talking you realized that was not the case. This can put a lot of people back, or change their mood during the date and ruin it.

That is why it is important to understand before you go that there are probably not so many things in common, although that in many cases is precisely the best thing that cannot happen.


Clothes and perfume do a lot, but the key so that your date does not take their eyes off you and feel attracted is that you have confidence in yourself.

For that they advise that we do something that we know we are good at. It can be dancing, singing, showing our knowledge about something interesting …

Perfect First Date | Top 10 Best Date Ideas | Ideal First Date


Do you want to make a good impression? So don’t continually talk about yourself, ask the other person about her, their likes, interests, etc.

This way he will also want to know more about you and will see you with different eyes. There is nothing more attractive than a person who wants to know you better.


Everyone is nervous on a first date but that should not be a reason for you to think the worst or analyze in your head everything that can go wrong.

This will only lower your morale and increase the chances that it will not go well. Go safely, calmly and do not worry, everything will be great.


You learn from mistakes and here too. Surely more than one date has gone wrong for you, so so that the experience does not repeat itself, we can think about what we did not so well or what we can improve so that the next ones go better. This coupled with the tips above should lead you to the perfect date.


Don’t worry, they are things that happen and sometimes even if we do everything possible to make sure everything goes well, there are factors that we cannot control and that can play an important role in this. The important thing is to keep going and not give up.


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