Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy Companies | 2021

Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy Companies | 2021

It is a term that is on the rise in recent times, but do you really know what it means? Is it possible to consume 100% Renewable Energy?

How can you access it? We will try to answer these and other questions in this post about What Is Green Energy.

Green Energy

What Is Green Energy?

Well, we tend to confuse renewable energy with green energy, and the difference is that all Green Energy is Renewable, but not all Renewable Energy is green.

For example, hydropower (> 10 MW) is a clean, Renewable Energy Source, but the significant impact it causes on its river environment prevents it from being classified as green.

When we talk about Green Energy, we refer to infinite Resources from non-polluting and environmentally friendly Sources.

In this group, Energies such as solar, wind, tidal, etc. stand out.In 2019, in Spain, 36.8% of the energy generated came from Renewable Energy Sources,

Wind Power leads production with 20.6%, followed by hydro with 9% and behind were photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Energy with 3.5% and 2% respectively,

the remaining 1.7% corresponds to the rest of Renewable Energy.

Green Energy Sources

Solar Energy

Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy  Companies | 2021It collects solar radiation through photovoltaic panels or solar collectors, and is transformed into other forms of energy such as electricity or Thermal Energy.


Wind Energy

Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy  Companies | 2021It is the energy obtained from the force of the wind, and through the Kinetic Energy generated by the effect of air currents, it is converted into other useful energy signatures.


Hydro Energy

Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy  Companies | 2021As a Renewable Energy Resource, hydraulic power is one of the most commercially developed.

It is obtained from the accumulated power of the waterfalls with turbines that move an electric generator.



Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy  Companies | 2021Biomass is the conversion of solid fuel made from plants into electricity. It is obtained from the combustion, fermentation, pyrolysis or gasification of wood, fast growing plants, animal remains or cultivated algae.


Tidal Energy

Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy  Companies | 2021Tidal Energy is another form of  Hydro Energy that uses twice-daily tidal currents to drive turbine generators.

Through the tides, the energy of the movement of the waves is transformed into electrical energy with the help of an alternator.


Geothermal Energy

Green Energy Companies | Renewable Energy  Companies | 2021Geothermal Energy is obtained by taking advantage of the natural heat from the interior of the earth that is transmitted through the bodies of hot rock,

Where processes of fluid and rock interaction take place, giving rise to geothermal systems.

Renewable Energy

The definition of  Renewable Energy or Alternative Energy is “any source of energy that is obtained from unlimited natural sources,

Is characterized by having a very low environmental impact and does not generate pollutants, so they do not use fossil fuels.”

If we take into account that, at first, they are inexhaustible like solar energy or wind energy,

We obtain a very interesting type of energy with great potential that would help solve the consequences derived from the impact of humanity on nature, such as climate change.

Currently, it has already been shown that all the energy we consume on the planet could be obtained with Renewable Energy or “Green Energy“, even so, we still do not consume it.

This leads us to think that it is the logical step that the whole of society is going to reach, especially if we take into account that there is less and less oil and coal left.

Green Energy Companies

these are some major companies who involved in Renewable Energy programmes.

the Environmental Protection Agency has offered a quarterly ranking of companies,

Who involved in Renewable Energy projects from its Green Power Partnership program.

Adobe Systems

As a responsible company fastest growing in energy-intensive business, Adobe Systems is always looking for new ways to reduce company’s energy consumption and stabilize costs.

With Adobe’s goal of operating with 100% Renewable Energy by 2035 underway, Company’s first objective is to reduce the energy Adobe Systems use now – even as company’s business grows.

Adobe focus first on energy efficiency, purchasing only the amount of Renewable Energy required.

Adobe started working for 100% Renewable Energy goal some years ago, Adobe becoming an early member of  RE100 and joining the Science Based Targets initiative with verified goals.

Company are advocating for local, regional and federal policy to decarbonize and modernize their grids and open them up to Renewable Energy for everyone – not just Adobe’s own business.

Most importantly, Adobe plan to reach company’s goal without purchasing any unbundled Renewable Energy credits or carbon offsets.

For Adobe, the goal is not to simply offset company’s carbon footprint, but to fundamentally change it

An example of its commitment to Green Energy was the installation of 20 vertical Wind Turbines at the company.


The commitment of this technological giant company Apple is known to all.

One of the big reasons they put it on this list is that it has the largest private solar panels in the United States, which generate about 167 million kWh of electricity a year.


More than 12 years ago, BMW invested in a system that uses waste gas to power two Wind Turbines at the plant. The solution has 11 megawatts of capacity.

In addition, its facilities in Munich use at least 3,660 solar panels and its research and development center is capable of powering test benches with energy recovered from braking.

Coca Cola

It is perhaps the most recognized company worldwide and its great commitment to the environment perhaps goes more to the side of recycling cans and conserving water.

However, the EPA has placed Coca-Cola high on the list thanks to the large investments it has made in Renewable Energy.

Its strategy is to feed the Atlanta plant using methane captured in a landfill, thereby generating 48 million kWh in one year.


While eBay’s focus has been on the efficiency of its data centers, its new goal is to get at least 8% of its energy from clean sources by 2015,

A mission it was close to fulfilling when published its 2013 report with 7.5% of the world’s total electricity coming under that mandate.


While this tech giant is not known for its large Renewable Energy facilities, Google has invested around US $ 1.5 trillion globally in generating wind power that occurs on farms close to its data centers.

Furthermore, he is also responsible for the installation of the largest corporate solar panel in 2007.


This multinational company Ikea has installed solar power generation technologies with a capacity of almost 40 megawatts in almost 90% of its stores in the United States.

In addition, it has committed $ 1.8 trillion in Renewable Energy for this year, betting big on wind power after buying its second park, a 165 megawatt facility in Texas.

Renewable Energy Companies

This is not a surprise given the continued large-scale push towards global clean energy, including a growing number of high-profile companies led by Amazon and Apple that are investing in renewable energy.

NextEra Energy Inc.

Market Cap: US $ 114.0 billion
NextEra Energy Inc. is a Florida-based clean energy company and the largest electric utility company in the United States by market capitalization.

NextEra Energy is the world’s largest producer of wind energy and solar energy with 45,900 megawatts of generation capacity.

NextEra Energy has eight subsidiaries, with the largest, NextEra Energy Services, supplying Renewable Energy (electricity) to 5 million homes in Florida.

 Cosan S.A.

Market Cap: US $ 4.9 billion

Cosan S.A. is a Brazil-based biofuels conglomerate with operations throughout South America and the UK Cosan has interests in the Bioethanol space, among other Green Energy projects.

The company generates 940 MW of bioethanol from sugar cane through its Raízen Energia arm, placing it among the main producers of bioenergy.

JinkoSolar Holdings Co.

Market Cap: US $ 984 billion

The European Investment Bank takes a quantum leap towards environmental sustainability
JinkoSolar Holdings Co. is the world’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, with a 12.8% share of the market.

Based in Shanghai, China, the company shipped a record 11.4 GW of modules in 2018 and is on track to beat that of the current year.

The company’s products include silicon wafers, solar modules, and solar cells sold in 70 countries around the world.

Vestas Wind Systems

Market Cap: US18.4 Billions

Vestas Wind Systems – is the world’s largest Wind Energy company, responsible for more Wind Turbine installations than any other company, stimated at around 68,000 turbines in 80 countries.

Aside from turbines, this Denmark-based company services more than 40,000 turbines and delivers approximately 800,000 pieces of Wind Turbines annually.

MKS Instruments

Market Cap: US $ 5.6 billion

Trends in energy demand presented by OPEC in its World Oil Outlook
Nuclear Power is currently classified as a sustainable energy source;

however, it could become fully renewable if the source of  Uranium shifts from mined ore to seawater extraction.

Since uranium extracted from seawater is continually replenished through a geological process, Nuclear Power would become as renewable as wind and solar.

While Nuclear Power has been gradually falling out of favor as evidenced by reduced investment, this does not mean that investment in the sector is no longer profitable.

One company that has been challenging quotas is MKS Instruments

MKS Instruments, based in Massachusetts, is a global provider of process control subsystems, instruments, and solutions.

The company manufactures a variety of nuclear fuel processing, nuclear accelerator and Uranium conversion systems.

These include nuclear parts like valves, sensors, and other related products. MKS Instruments owns 600 patents related to Nuclear Energy.

Renewable Energy Stocks

However, with the fight against climate change in full swing and a growing number of investors willing to put capital where there is value or where there is a glimpse of it to come, the  Green Energy Stocks  sector is now on the radar of all investors.

Favorite Renewable Energy benchmark, the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (Nasdaq: ICLN), has easily outperformed its fossil fuel equivalent,

the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (NYS: XLE), with yields on the year (YTD) of 33.4% versus 3.7%.

NextEra Energy

YTD Share Returns for the year: 34.1%
NextEra Energy – shares have hit all-time highs as the company continues to post strong growth.

During the last quarter, the company reported revenues of US $ 5.57 billion (+ 26.0% YoY) and EPS GAAP (of $ 1.81.

The company also reported a double-digit percentage increase in operating cash flow.


YTD Share Returns for the year: 97.2%

CZZ shares have performed excellently as the company continues to make significant operational improvements and strong execution by management.

The company reported revenues of R $ 3.34 thousand (+ 38.0% YoY) and net income of R $ 418.3 million during its earnings call in the second quarter.

Although Cosan is going through a challenging macro environment due to the global oversupply that puts pressure on sugar prices,

as well as lower ethanol prices in Brazil, the company’s management has followed good execution, inspiring confidence in the company.

JinkoSolar Holdings Co.

YTD Share Returns for the year: 85.8%

JKS shares have been an exemplary player in the investment world, particularly impressed with

the company’s expanding margins that management blames on the ongoing shift toward mono-integrated capacity and cost reduction.

Third quarter revenue was up 8.2% quarter-on-quarter (Q / Q) and 11.8% YoY to RMB 7.48 billion (US $ 1.05 Billion),

mainly due to an increase in the average selling price (ASP) of the solar modules, as well as a higher sale of multi-crystalline silicon wafers.

The company led in solar module shipments of 4.2K – 44K MW for the fourth quarter and 4.2 – 4.4 GW for the full year.

As the cost of solar technology continues to gradually decline, analysts expect China to reduce the prices offered to solar developers,

which should help companies like JinkoSolar Holdings Co. compete on more even terms with coal power providers.

Vestas Wind Systems

YTD Share Returns for the year: 26%

The company’s shares rose nearly 20% after it reported healthy results in the third quarter, including a sharp increase in orders.

Last quarter revenue produced 3.65 billion euros, representing 29.9% year-on-year growth, while adjusted operating profit was up 55% year-on-year to 429 million euros.

Gross margin improved 200 basis points to 11.8%, while orders reached 4,738 megawatts.

The company has shipped 3.7 gigawatts in the first 9 months of this year, up 39% from the same period last year.

Vestas recently won a large order to supply New Zealand’s largest wind farm. The company’s management is optimistic that orders,

revenue and profits will continue to increase as demand for Renewable Energy Sources continues to grow.

MKS Instruments

YTD Share Returns for the year: 67.6%

Third-quarter revenue was US $ 462.45 million, which, while representing a 5.1% year-over-year contraction,

was still ahead of the Wall Street consensus, while EPS-GAAP of US $ 0.86 outperformed US $. $ 0.29.

The company provided good results in the fourth quarter of 2019 with revenues between US $ 445 – 495 million (analyst consensus:

US $ 461.95 million) and EPS of US $ 0.85 – 1.19 (analyst consensus: US $ 1.02).

MKS Instuments has a history of profitable and sustainable growth and lately has been focusing more on high growth markets. 

This looks like a stock that is likely to continue to outperform the market for the next two years.

Therefore, if any investor wants to re-evaluate their investment line for 2020, it is opportune to include Renewable Energy:

investments are as worthy of your attention as investments in fossil fuels.

Green Energy Exchange

Block chain technology, its Virtual Currency Bitcoin and other  Cryptocurrencies will soon be integrated into the energy sector.

Although it looks like something out of a Matrix Movie, large companies are already working with it and are investigating how to develop this ingeniously simple protocol to carry out anonymous, secure and simultaneous transactions.

But are not the only ones. There are also social initiatives that seek to break the current model,

which is highly centralized and where the relationship between generators and consumers passes through the same intermediaries.

This is the case of the Spanish startup Klenergy that is developing a platform, Pylon Network,

to eliminate the need for intermediaries in the purchase and sale of electricity, with an added feature, it must be Renewable Energy.

In the P2P (peer-to-peer) Energy Exchange, transactions are carried out using a new payment method, the Pylon Coin.

But it is not entirely new. In the New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, the company LO3 Energía is already developing a similar system,

the Brooklyn Microgrid, which allows users to buy and sell Solar Energy generated locally within their communities.

It also uses Block chain technology to facilitate and record transactions. “Yes, but our proposal goes a step further,

It is an energy ‘market play’ where communities of consumers, energy cooperatives and prosumers Green Energy Exchange directly,

without the need for third party intervention or being physically interconnected”, explains the CEO Gerar Bel, “you don’t need,

as in the case of Brooklyn, those microgrids because everything is done virtually.” For this, it has the METRON smart meter,

An energy monitoring system to give a meaningful idea of its consumption to users and that rewards the production of Green Energy.

And all this is possible because the Block Chain has the potential to support a system in which millions of households decide to carry out automatic P2P transactions with their neighbors, looking for a new way of relating.

“The electricity generated and surplus from a self-consumption facility that is poured into the grid for free can be purchased with Pylon coin in such a way as to encourage

the use of that electricity,” adds Bel, “but we also want to have the surplus generated by the systems of isolated self-consumption,

that not being connected to the network, we have proposed that they be used to power the servers that this platform needs.

And to provide them with energy 24 hours a day, they have developed a Hydrogen Storage solution, CHP3 HELIOS.

The project is in the financing phase and the platform that supports it is Goiener, a non-profit cooperative that markets Renewable Energy.

During the campaign, shares of the project are publicly sold in the form of ‘Tokens’.

The objective is to obtain the amount of 3.8 million euros to be able to develop the project that includes a series of hardware installations in solar panels,

Energy storage units and smart meters, but also in isolated installations not connected to the grid.

Renewable Energy Definition

 Green Energy or Renewable Energy is that which is produced by Natural Resources (fortunately, inexhaustible).

Renewable Energies are wind, hydro, solar and biomass. If we want to improve the world, we must walk towards sustainability,

So at Holaluz we give all our support to those Renewable Energy producers with whom we work on a daily basis.

Thanks to them, more and more Clean Energy is produced on the planet. You can also do your bit,

For example by hiring electricity from a company that only sells Green Energy (electricity).

Renewable Energy Types

Green Energy Types | Renewable Energy Types

Wind Energy :  the energy obtained from the wind

Solar Energy :  the energy obtained from the sun. The main technologies are photovoltaic solar (takes advantage of sunlight) and thermal solar (takes advantage of the sun’s heat)

Hydro Energy :  the energy obtained from freshwater rivers and streams

Biomass :  the energy that is extracted from organic matter

Geothermal Energy : the heat energy contained in the interior of the Earth

Tidal Energy : the energy obtained from the tides

Wave Energy : the energy obtained from waves

Bioethanol : an organic fuel suitable for the automotive industry that is achieved through fermentation processes of vegetable products

Biodiesel : organic fuel for automobiles, among other applications, obtained from vegetable oils

Why Renewable Energy Is Important

Renewable Energies are clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive sources of energy.

They differ from fossil fuels mainly in their diversity, abundance and potential for use in any part of the planet,

but above all in that they do not produce greenhouse gases – causes of climate change – or polluting emissions.

In addition, their costs evolve steadily downward, while the general trend in fossil fuel costs is the opposite, regardless of their current volatility.

The growth of Renewable Energies is unstoppable, as reflected in the statistics provided annually by the International Energy Agency (IEA):

According to IEA forecasts, the share of  Renewables in global electricity supply will rise from 26% in 2018 to 44% in 2040,

and will provide 2/3 of the increase in electricity demand registered in that period, mainly through wind and photovoltaic technologies.

According to the IEA, world electricity demand will increase by 70% until 2040, – raising its share in final energy use from 18% to 24% in the same period –

mainly driven by emerging regions (India, China, Africa , Middle East and Southeast Asia).

Renewable Energy Of India

Now india is on 5th position in Renewable Energy sector. Solar capacity in india has increased in the last 5.5 years from around 2.6 GW to more than 34GW.

India is running one of the largest and most ambitious Renewable Energy expansion programme 175 GW till 2022.

Government of india reduced solar power tariff more than 75% by plug and play model.

Renewable Energy installed capacity increaswd 226% in last 5 years in india.

Newer Renewable Energy Resources are projected to grow massively by nearer term 2022 targets,

including a quite doubling of India’s large wind generation capacity and an almost 15 fold increase in solar energy from April 2016 levels.

These targets would place India among the planet leaders in Green Energy use and place India at the centre of its “Sunshine Countries”

International Solar Alliance project promoting the expansion and development of solar energy internationally to over 120 countries. 

Energy plays an important role within the economic development of all countries. India ranks second position in terms of population that accounts to 18% of world’s overall population.

the rise in standard of living and population in India makes India to rank fourth place in consumption of energy within the globe.

As fossil fuels are depleting and creating more pollution causing heating , and also since energy demand is increasing day by day,

energy production from Renewable Energy Resources becomes the simplest solution in present condition as Renewable Energy Resources aren’t exhaustible, clean, and green energy.



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