Christmas Greetings | Xmas | Christmas Day | Santa Paws | 2020

Christmas Greetings | Xmas | Christmas Day | Santa Paws | 2020

Christmas Greeting

Sincere joy
On Christmas day
Comfort, health,
Happiness, warmth!


Merry Christmas to you
Prosperity in the house and goodness,
May the Lord bless
And save everyone from adversity!


Merry Christmas! Let your home be filled with comfort, love,  understanding and happiness. Health and good luck.

Christmas Greetings | Xmas | Christmas Day | Santa Paws | 2020

Merry Christmas,
With winter, pure magic!
I wish you great joy
May the Lord protect!



Good luck, joy, kindness,
Warmth, love, luck in the house.
So that life is happy
All the best in the family to you. Merry Christmas!


Christmas At The Palace

Merry Christmas, I congratulate you
I wish you well with all my heart.
Let the magic happen
After all, that’s Christmas.
May your dreams come true.
You health, beauty
And I wish you continuous miracles.
It will be so, I know for sure!




Christmas star let
The path illuminates for you in life.
Comfort and health in the house –
Love, good to you!
Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas,
Happy holiday of kindness
Light and patience
Peace to you always!

Get rid of offenses
And from all the trouble
May it be successful for you
Will be this year!


Silence, kindness, harmony
On this holiday of Christmas!
Peace, good health
And family warmth!


Merry Christmas!
Happiness to you, comfort in the house,
Warmth, kindness, hope,
Better to live than before!

Get Santa

Merry Christmas!
Good luck everyone
The light of the christmas star
Let him keep you from trouble.


Christmas is coming
With him comes the magic.
Believe in miracles with your soul
Throw open the door to meet
And let it be a wonderful evening
Gives you joyful meetings!


A star lit up in the dark sky
The evening fell to the ground,
And on Christmas with magic light
The whole huge world lit up …
Health, happiness! Merry Christmas!
Let life be filled with good!


Merry Christmas to you
Love, hope and goodness.
May the Lord save you
And light up with grace!


I wish you Christmas
Meet the miracle, the magic.
Let happiness come to your house
To stay in it forever.


Enchanted Christmas

I wish you for Christmas,
So that the magic does not end
A full house of love and happiness
May God help in everything!



Happy Christmas!
Let happiness come to your home.
Let hearts melt from love
Mischievous eyes sparkle.
May God reward with luck,
Will give you strength and inspiration.


In life, faith and love
Let them be the basis.
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart
Merry Christmas!



The holiday knocked on the house.
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!
Meetings, tree and gifts …
Let every moment be bright
Let for a hundred years ahead
You are lucky in all matters!



Health to the closest people,
More faith in magic!
May it be infinitely kind
A wonderful holiday Christmas!


A Princess For Christmas

Christmas is on the doorstep
And in my heart there is a triumph.
Faith to you, love and happiness,
God keeps it from bad weather!



God’s blessing
All wishes of fulfillment
Peace, happiness and kindness
On the day of Christ’s Christmas!



Holy Christmas –
There is grace in the house!
May love heart
Will fill up again!


Let it save the soul
From all the worries
Peace, goodness and happiness
Let it go on the threshold!



Let the heavenly star
Always leads
So that everyone in their path
I could find Christ in my heart,
The heart is a cherished home
Happy Christmas!


Santa Buddies

May this holiday fill the house
Love, light and warmth!
Kindness, comfort, happiness, peace!
We congratulate you on Christmas!



The star in the sky shone
Christ was born – this message
Today flew around the earth
Now everyone has hope.
Happy holiday everyone, my friends,
Good luck, happiness and love!


Christmas Greetings | Xmas | Christmas Day | Santa Paws | 2020


Christmas star beam
May it keep you from trouble
I wish everyone well
On the bright holiday of Christmas.



Let the holiday fill the house with a fairy tale
Warmth, love, miracle, affection.
I wish you happiness, peace and goodness,
Merry Christmas to you!




It smells of pine needles, joy in my heart,
The holiday has come to your house again!
To be loved, to dream,
So as not to remember the bad.
And dreams to come true!
Happy Christmas!


A Cinerella Christmas

Merry Christmas
I congratulate,
And I wish you happiness
Joy, goodness!



Merry Christmas!
Fairy winter
Happiness and health,
In the heart of warmth!



Wish you Christmas
For happiness to come to you,
So that there is a lot of health
And I was always lucky in everything!



Merry Christmas!
The smell of miracles
Good health,
Graces from heaven.



Merry Christmas, congratulations!
May heaven keep you everywhere
Let the Angel protect from adversity,
And may faith always be strong!


Norad Santa Tracker

Christmas is coming –
A holiday of peace, light,
May joy, warmth
Life will be warmed!




May holy Christmas
Will bring good to the family
Will bring happiness to your house,
So that it remains in it.



Let on Christmas night
All sorrows will go away.
Happiness will knock on the door
A bright miracle will happen.
Love will fill the house in a moment
Many warm words sound.



Merry Christmas! Let the Angel, flying,
Will overshadow with its wings
And may everything that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time
It will come true, may God keep you!



Christmas is a family holiday
There is no room for grievances.
Life is beautiful with faith in your heart
May the Lord keep your house!


On Christmas

Merry Christmas to you!
Let in the evening winter hour
The holiday will quietly enter you,
Will bring joy to your house!




The light of the christmas star
Let it warm the soul.
Let no one ever
Your world will not destroy.



On the bright holiday of Christmas
I wish you well.
Let him save from trouble
The light of the Christmas star.



Merry Christmas,
With this good, bright day!
Peace, happiness and effort,
Fulfillment of dreams!



Merry Christmas.
Let the holiday come to the house
Joy, happiness will bring
And love for a whole year.


Santa Tracker Google

Merry Christmas, congratulations!
Let the Lord protect from troubles,
Let life strengthen faith,
And crystal light reigns in the soul.



Merry Christmas to the saints, I congratulate you!
I wish you bright and happy days!
May the Lord bless your home
And let him keep from all adversity!



The special spirit of Christ’s Christmas
May it bring you hope and faith.
Love, prosperity, peace to you, good
And the present happiness is beyond measure!



Christmas is a great day!
He will disperse darkness and shadow
May God help in everything
Let him keep from troubles.



Happy holiday to you!
The magic of anyone
Happiness and warmth.


On The First Day Of Christmas

On this bright holiday of Christmas
I wish that life was wonderful
Health, peace, joy, warmth,
Great happiness, light and kindness!



On this good Christmas holiday
I wish life to be bright
I wish you happiness, peace and harmony,
Peace of mind and good health!



Let the light of the Christmas lights
Will make your life kinder.
Fill the house with comfort and warmth,
And he will surround you with happiness and kindness.




Merry Christmas,
Let the warmth fill the house
Miracle, happiness, magic,
Love, care and warmth.



Merry Christmas!
And I wish you all the best to the house,
Let it shine in your heart
The star of happiness, kindness.
To make life joyful
And she was beautiful.


Christmas Wishes Business

Merry Christmas!
Joy and happiness!
Good health,
Do not meet bad weather.

May you be very lucky
Let things go
May it always shine for you
Bright Star.



Let it happen on Christmas
A long-awaited miracle.
It will be warm and soulful
Fulfills all desires.



Merry Christmas!
Happiness to you, warmth,
To make joy in the house
It bloomed with kindness.



Christmas is knocking on us!
Let it enter the house with hope,
Let the soul shine with joy
And Christ keeps from all adversity.



Warmth, harmony and light,
I wish you Christmas.
Let the troubles go around
The whole family will be healthy.


Christmas Dinner

Let the star that shone in the night
Gives faith, hope, warmth,
So that the soul only breathes light,
Happiness, joy to you! Merry Christmas!


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