AWS – Amazon Web Services – Cloud Computing

AWS – Amazon Web Services – Cloud Computing


AMAZON WEB SERVICES – AWS – Amazon is an American multinational technology company Headquarter in Seattle,Washington U.S.A. Amazon focuses on E Commerce Digital streaming, clod computing and artificialintelligence. It is believed one of the big four technology companies along with Google, facebook andapple.


Amazon is known for its break-down of  well established companies by technological invention largest level. Amazon is the world`s mega E Commerce platform, artificial intelligence supplier and cloud computing marketplace as measured by revenue and market capitalization. 


Amazon is the widest Internet company by revenue in the global. It is the second largest private employer in the (U.S.A) United States of america and one of the world’s most precious companies. Amazon is the second largest technological innovation company by revenue.

Amazon was established by Jeff Bezoson July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington, U.S.A. The company in the first instance started as an online marketplace for books but farther expanded to sell software, electronics, apparel, video games, toys, furniture, jewelry, and food.
In year 2015, Amazon dominateWalmartas the most precious retailer in the (U.S.A.) United States of america bymarket cap.
In year 2017, Amazon accruedWhole Foods Marketfor $13.4 billion dollar, which extremely increased Amazon’sexistence as a brick-and-mortar retailer in U.S.A.In year 2018, Bezos declared that its two-day delivery service,Amazon Prime, had increased 100 million subscribers globally.
Amazon distributes downloads and streaming of music, audiobook, and video,by itsAmazon MusicAmazon Prime Video, andAudible auxiliary. Amazon also has a publishing resource,Amazon Publishing, a film (movies) and television studio,Amazon Studios, and a Cloud Computing auxiliary,AmazonWeb Services.
It makingconsumer electronic productsincludingKindlee-readers,Fire TVFiretablets, and Amazon Echodevices. In addition, Amazon auxiliary includeRing,, Whole Foods Market, andIMDb.

During different controversies, the company has beenblamedfor technological monitoring deception, a high competitive and demanding work culture,tax avoidance,andanti-competitive practices.

AWS - Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing


In year 1994, Mr. Jeff Bezosincorporated Amazon. He choose the location Seattle, washington, U.S.A. because of technical talent as Microsoft is located there in Seattle, washington, U.S.A. In May year 1997, the company gone public.
The company started to selling music and videos in year 1998, at which time it began operations internationally by acquiring online sellers of books in Germany and (U.K.)United Kingdom. The following year, the company also sold video games, home-improvement items, games, toys, consumer electronics, and software in addition to other products.
In year 2002, the company started Amazon Web Services (AWS), That provided data on Web site popularity, Internet traffic data and other data statistics for developers and marketers. In year 2006, the company grew its (AWS)Amazon web services portfolio whenElastic Computing Cloud(EC2), that rents computer processing power as well asSimple Storage Service(S3).
that rents data storage by the Internet, were made available. That same year 2006, the company startedFulfillment by Amazonthat managed the inventory of individuals and small companies selling their products by the company`s internet site.
In year 2012, Amazon boughtKiva Systemsto automate its inventory-management business, purchasingWhole Foods Marketsupermarkets chain system after five years  in year 2017.

AMAZON PRODUCTS AND SERVICES’s product lines available at its website include various media (DVDs, booksCDs, music  software andvideotapes ),  baby products, apparel, consumer electronics,gourmet food,beauty productsgroceries,health and personal-care items, industrial & scientific
supplies, jewelry, kitchen items, watches, musical instruments, tools, lawn and garden items,sporting goods,  automotive items and games &toys  . In August year 2019, Amazon applied to start a liquor retail store in San Francisco California, CA as a means to ship beer and alcohol inside the city.
Amazon has separate retail websites for some countries and alsoAmazonoffers international shipping of some of its products to few other countries.



Fresh Grocery Store –is a auxiliary of the American e commercecompany in Seattle, Washington U.S.A. It is a Amazon Grocery products delivery service now available in some U.S. states, Hamburg,LondonBerlin (including Potsdam),Munich, and Tokyo

AmazonFresh has rolled out its services step by step, targeting special parts of different metropolitan cities and partnering with local speciality stores for delivery of local products. (The website allows users to check availability by “PINZIP code). 
In March year 2017,Amazon declared AmazonFreshPickup, a drive-in-type grocery store for Amazon Prime users, launching in beta version on March 29. It’s a delivery service which lets consumers shop online.  And reserve times to pick up the groceries and have them loaded into their cars at the store.
In the (U.K) United Kingdom, Amazon signed a deal with British SuperMarket chain Morrisons to provide supplies for storage and Fresh. In Germany the Amazon Fresh Product range is 85000 items. The ReweGrocery delivery accounts to 9000Grocery Products

In July year 2017, it was reported that Amazon Fresh was sellingmeal kitsOn November 2, 2017, Amazon announced it was discontinuing its Amazon Fresh Service to areas in  New Jersey, New YorkPennsylvania,CaliforniaDelaware, and Maryland .

AWS - Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing


AMAZON PRIME – is a paid membership subscription service operated byAmazon that gives users access to services that would else be not available, or charge extra, to the standard Amazon Prime customer. This with free two-day delivery, streaming videoand music, other benefits.
In April year 2018, Amazon informed that AmazonPrime had more than 100 million membership subscribers globally. Prime’s capability to drive consumer spend is mostly compared to Costco’s membership program. 
In year 2005, Amazonannounced the creation of Amazon Prime Videos, a membership PrimeVideo service offering free two-day delivery within the contiguous United States (U.S.A.) on all eligible purchases for a flat annual fee of $79 (equivalent to $101 in year 2018), and discounted one-day shipping (delivery) rates.
Amazon launched the Prime Music program in Japan, Germanyand the United Kingdom (U.K) in year 2007; in France (as Amazon Premium“) in year 2008, in Italy in year 2011, in Canada in year 2013,
 in India in July year 2016and in Mexico in March year 2017. According to Amazon, there are nowAmazon Prime members (subscribers) in 17 countries in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.


AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS)is a auxiliaryofAmazonthat provideson-demand Cloud ComputingservicesandAPIsto particulars, governments, and companies, on a metered pay-as-you-go base.
In aggregate, these Amazon cloud computingweb servicesprovide a set of elementary essence technical infrastructure anddistributed Cloud Computingbuilding blocks and tools. One of these services isAmazon Elastic Computing Cloud, that allows consumer to have at their disposal avirtualteam of Computers, available all the time, by the Internet.
AWS‘s version of dummy computers simulate mostly  the property of a actual physical computer including, hardwarecentral processing units(CPUs) andgraphics processing units(GPUs) for processing, local/RAM memory,

hard-disk/SSD storage; a choice of operating systems; networking; and pre-loaded application software such as Web Servers,databases,customer relationship management(CRM), etc.

The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon auxiliary.


Fee are depend on a combination of usage, the hardware/software/OS/networking features chosen by the users, required availability, security, redundancy, and Web Services options. users can pay for a single dummy AWS computer, a dedicated actual physical computer, or groups of either.
As part of the membership agreement, Amazon provides security for user`s system.AWSoperates from many worldwide geographical zone including 6 in North America (U.S.A.).
In year 2017, AWSconnected more than 90 (165 as of  year 2019) Web Services expading a wide range inclusive Cloud Computing,  Storage,  Database,  application services, management, deployment, developer tools,analytics, mobile,  networking, and equipments for the Internet of Things.
The most popular comprise AmazonElastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and AmazonSimple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Mostly Amazon Services are not unveiled directly to end users. But instead offer deficiency by  APIs for developers to use in their applications.
AmazonWeb Services’ offerings are accessed over HTTP, using the REST architectonic style and SOAP protocol.


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AWS - Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing
Amazon marketsAWSto users as a way of receiving large volume Computing efficiency more speedily and inexpensively than making an actual physical server farm. All AWS Services are billed based on usage. And  each Web Service measures usage in variable ways.
As of year 2017, AWS owns a chief 34% of all Cloud (IaaSPaaS) while the next three (3) competitors Google,Microsoft, andIBM have 8%11% 6% respectively according to Synergy Group.


ALEXAAmazon Alexa,known as Alexa, is a virtual Voice Command Assistant invented by Amazon, first Alexa used in the Amazon Echo and the AmazonEcho Dot Smart Voice interaction  Speakers 🔊invented byAmazon Lab126.
Alexa is competent of Voice Assistant, making To-Do Lists, Music Playback, Playing Audiobooks, Streaming Podcasts, Setting Alarms, and providing Weather Annoucements, Sports, Traffic, and other Real-Time Informations, such as News. Alexa can also control many  Smart Gadgetsusing itself as a Smart Home automationsystem.

Users are able to enhance the Alexa`s efficiency by installing “Amazon AlexaSkills” (additional efficiency invented by third-party vendors, in another settings generally called Appssuch as  audio features and weather programs).

Mostly devices withAlexa allow users to activate the device using a wake-word (such as Alexa); other devices (such as the Amazon Mobile App on Android or iOSand Amazon Dash Wand) require the user to press a button to activateAlexa’s listening mode.


presently, interaction and communication with Alexa are available only in English, French,Portuguese,Japanese, ItalianSpanish, and Hindi.In Canada, Alexa is available in English and in Frenchlanguageonly (with the Québec accent).
because of November 2018, Amazonhad more than 10,000 employees working on Alexa and other related products of Amazon. In January 2019, Amazon’s devices team declared that they had sold more than 100 million Alexa-compatible gadgets.
In September, 2019Amazon launched lot of new devices achieving many records while competating with the world’s smart home automation industry. The new Amazon Echo Studio became the first smart speaker comes with 360 sround sound and Dolby Digital sound.
Another new gadgets As, anEcho dot with a clock behind the fabric, a new 3rd-generation Amazon Echo, Echo Show 8Echo Flex, Alexa built-in spectacles, a plug-in Echo Device, Echo Buds, Alexa built-in wireless earphones,  Echo Loop, an Alexa built-in Ring, and Echo Frames .


APP STORE – TheAmazon App store for Androidis an App Storefor theAndroid (O.S)operating system managed app store was opened on year March 22, 2011 and was made available in about 200 countries.

AppDevelopers are paid 70% of thelist price (cost) of the App or in-App Purchase.

On year September 28, 2011, Amazon launched the Kindle Fire tablet. The Kindle Fire Tablet designed for media expenditure in the Amazon ecosystem, depend only on the Amazon App storefor its marketplace, excluding Google Play.
Alongside the Kindle Fire tabletwas a new design for the Amazon Appstore, intended to better integrate with the Kindle Fire tablet’s user interface.
On June 18, 2014,BlackBerrydeclared an official relation with Amazon, which comprise access to the Amazon Appstore inBlackBerry


AMAZON DRIVE – Amazon Drive, some times known as Amazon Cloud Drive, is a Cloud Storage application operating by Amazon. TheAmazon Drive service providing secure Cloud Storage, File Sharing, File Backup, Using an Amazon account, and Photo printing. 
The files and folders can be transferred and managed from multiple devices and with web browsers also, desktop applications tablets and mobiles.  Amazon Cloud Drive also lets their U.S. (United states) users order Photo Prints and Photo Books using the AmazonPrints Service.
Today, Amazon Drive providing free unlimited photo storage with anAmazon Prime subscription or a Kindle Fire Tablet device, and a paid limited Storage Service.
Amazon Drive Launched in major countries including like,  (United States) U.S, European Nations, Canada,  Australia andJapan.It also functions in Braziland China as a free limited 5GBDrive Storage Service.


ECHO – Amazon Echo( known colloquially as “Alexa“) is a product of Smart Speakers invented by Echo (Alexa devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent Personal Assistant ServiceAlexa, Alexa will response when you call “Alexa“.
you may change this wake up word to “Amazon“, as,  Computer“,or Echo. The features of theAlexa  include:  like, Music Playback, Setting Alarms, Voice Interaction, Making To-Do Lists, Playing Audiobooks, and Streaming Podcasts, in addition to providing weather information, traffic information and many other real-time information.


Alexa can also control various Smart Devices, perform as a Smart Home Automation System.
According to a confirmed News, Amazonstarted to manufacturingEchodevices inside its Lab126 offices in Silicon Valley and in Cambridge, Massachusetts as early as year 2010.
The device (Alexa) represented one of Amazon’s first effort to extend its device (Alexa) portfolio above the AmazonKindle e-reader. TheAmazon Echo featured exquisitely in Amazon’s first-ever Super Bowl broadcast T.V advertisement in year 2016.
Amazon beginning limited the first-generation AmazonEcho to Amazon Prime membership or by invitation, but it became widely available in the United States (U.S.A) on June 23, year 2015.
 The (Media) press guessed that it would begin its Canadian debut in mid-to-late year 2016, after Amazon listed jobs for developers for The Alexa and co-hosted a Hackathon in Toronto, Canada.

TheAmazonEcho became available in the (U.K) United Kingdom on 28 September year  2016. Additionally, the Amazon AlexaVoice Assistance Service is available to be compiled to other devices, and Amazonstimulate other companies’ devices and services to connect to Amazon Alexa.


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