10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020


How many times a year do you propose to go to the gym more, take better care of your Health and eat better? There are times when we put the accent on our Health.

The problem is that most of us also lose the habit within a few weeks because we do not see the results, because we lack motivation or because we are doing it wrong.

That is why I have proposed to recommend the 10 Best Health Apps for android that will help you achieve that purpose of taking care of yourself a little more with the help of new technologies and our Android mobile devices.

Fitness, training and exercise apps

In the first section of this article of the Top 10 Health Apps for your Android device, we are going to focus on exercise. We have found the 4 best apps for Android to monitor your training and fitness exercises from your smartphone.

Running is a sporting trend on the rise, so having an application that monitors the kilometers you run and the energy you spend in the process is key to doing sport responsibly and in a healthy way.

1. Nike Run Club

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

The Nike Run Club application is one of the reference Health Apps among running fans. The possibilities it offers are diverse to monitor your physical activity.

Using the GPS and geolocation built into the application, they detect the kilometers you have traveled and the time it has taken. In general, the app tracks distance, pace, time, and calories, whether you train indoors or outdoors.

You can set goals to improve your personal brands. You have access to Nike Run Club + Coach with which your Smartphone will be your coach and trainer even for large events such as marathons.

And with Nike Run Club + Photo share you can take photos during your training and share them with other runners.

You can download Nike Running for Android for free and also for iOS.

If you are a fan of cardio but in addition to running you are also a cycling fan, you cannot go without downloading a health app like this one, which helps you control your routes on foot or by bicycle.

2. Endomondo-Running & Walking

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

The Endomondo Health and training app for Android presents itself as the personal trainer that fits in your pocket for many types of sports: not only if you run, but also go cycling, walking, kayaking or exercising different.

This Android app helps you motivate yourself and make the activity fun. Endomondo tracks your physical activity and analyzes it, it can even track your heart activity by connecting it to the indicated gadget, a responsible way to take care of our Health and improve our well-being with mobile apps.

To tone the body, many choose to follow specific routines, but which one will work best for us? Applications like these are essential in your daily sports training.

3. Skimble Inc.

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

This application is strictly a personal trainer, focused on creating an exercise routine with clear objectives from day one. There is a free version, although to enjoy all the possibilities you can become a pro or pro + user.

Although it works well with the basic one, once you have finished with the basics, you will have to buy packs. It also has a calorie counter that estimates the calorie loss for each exercise you do.

Sure you already know but one of the simplest ways to have an iron health is food. That is why the diet we follow is key. These are some applications to control weight from a healthy and balanced diet.

4. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss & Calorie Counter

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

Losing Weight in a healthy way is not the same for men and women. Bodies of both genders work and burn calories at different rates and in different ways. That is why we bring you this Health App. Diet Coacher is an application focused on diets for women.

The most important component of this app is the motivation focused on overcoming meals between meals and the prohibited foods in certain types of diets, as well as generating good eating habits. Do you dare to try it?

5. Weight Loss Tracker – RecStyle

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

This RecStyle Health App proposes a smart diet for those who have a voracious appetite and without making great efforts. You can focus your diet on your goals, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or losing fat.

It is very easy to understand and use, even to interpret the graphs of our evolution. The best thing is that all the functions are free, and you don’t need to do additional downloads.

6. Healthy Recipes

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

Among all the applications to eat healthy (free) we recommend this one. If you don’t know how to cook, you will surely like it.

With this Health App it will be very easy to take care of your diet and take care of yourself. With these free healthy recipes we will be able to stay in line and plan menus along with our daily workouts.

Having an iron Health goes beyond eating healthy and doing sports, there are many other factors that intervene in leading a healthy life and increasing our well-being.

7. Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

The Cardiograph on your Smartphone. If you have heart problems or perhaps you want to control your heart rate while doing sports, it will be useful to have this application on your mobile.

And without the need for external hardware or gadgets: simply with the sensors and the standard camera of your smartphone.

Cardiograph is also one of the first Health applications compatible with Android Wear, taking advantage of the possibilities of wearables for Health. Did we try it?

8. Blood Pressure

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

With this Android blood pressure app you can also control blood pressure, monitor it by graphical representation and send the data and the graph by email or SMS to any contact and thus inform your doctor, make a backup copy.

9. Runtastic Sleep Better: Sleep Cycle & Smart Alarm

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

Sleeping well is key. With this app to monitor sleep you can manage your sleep hours and optimize them.

Record the quality of your sleep, monitor your dreams, improve your habits at bedtime and wake up better every morning.

You can take notes on how your sleep routine evolves to see how you respond to the amount of rest you spend each day.

10. Stop Smoking – EasyQuit Free

10 Best Health Apps | Best Fitness Tracker App | Android | 2020

Do you smoke? Well, it’s time to quit. This bad habit is one of the most affecting your Health. It is useless to have an impeccable diet and be a regular athlete.

If you smoke that will hurt you. This Health App will help you gradually stop this bad habit. Do you accept the challenge?

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